July 22, 2015

Portfolio Management


The Garrison Difference

Real portfolio management requires more than just a model.

Institutional Management – Reserved For Private Investors

Garrison Financial will build wealth and create multi-generational financial legacies for you and your family. We offer private investors the sophisticated investment management services normally reserved for large institutions and the very wealthy, and combine them with a dedication to the highest quality personal service.

Individual Focus On Your Investments

Many people believe they need assistance, but don’t know where to turn for helpful, unbiased advice. We find that our competition will focus on selling you products, but often don’t spend enough time considering your individual needs. Managing personal or family finances is more complex today than ever before. There are more demands on capital, more options to evaluate, and more pressure to invest wisely. We listen attentively to obtain a thorough understanding of your situation. Then we work with you on an individual basis, to help you achieve your personal goals.

Dedicated Research – The Attention Your Money Deserves

Fundamental: Our experienced management team will focus on high quality investments that provide you with the maximum potential for long-term growth.

Quantitative: Using quantitative metrics, we assess the investment’s performance relative to others in its industry group and to the market as a whole. Our objective is to purchase high quality investments trading below projected value and hold them until their value is fully realized.

Income & Tax Control

Unlike most managers, we utilize clearly defined sell criteria to realize profits and maintain your portfolio’s risk profile. Depending on your time horizon, tax situation, and risk tolerance, we build your portfolio with the appropriate mix of investments to mitigate market risk and provide stability and income. On the upside, we generally sell a position when it reaches our valuation target. Conversely, a position is generally sold if there is a change in our outlook, or significant deterioration in any key performance measurement. An investment position may also be sold or reduced if a more attractive opportunity is identified.

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